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Welcome to the Zeitgeist Movement train of thought! Here is where you will find posts by TZM activists and others who are working towards a peaceful and sustainable future for our planet and for all life for which the Earth as home. If you have a post that you feel is relevant for our educational awareness activism efforts, please let us know. It takes a global community to create a sustainable future.
Culture Shift: Redirecting Humanity’s Path to a Flourishing Futureby Jeremy Lent

It’s time to build a new worldview around a deeper sense of connectedness.

What do all these ideas have in common—a tax on carbon, big investments in renewable energy, a livable minimum wage, and freely accessible healthcare? The answer is that we need all of them, but even taken together they’re utterly insufficient to redirect humanity away from impending catastrophe and toward a truly flourishing future.

That’s because the problems these ideas are designed to solve, critical as they are, are symptoms of an even more profound problem: the implicit values of a global economic and political system that is driving civilization toward a precipice....

Towards A Universal Basic Incomeby Mohammed Mesbahi

Of all the emerging political debates on the economic policies that embody the principle of sharing, there is one proposal that stands out for its uniqueness and simplicity: the call for a universal basic income (UBI). A growing literature propounds the ethical and philosophical justifications for this enduring idea, as well as its practical applicability within both the major industrialised and less developed nations. Until now, however, the progressive notion of a basic income has yet to be implemented in its definitively universal form within any world region, notwithstanding the small-scale pilot schemes and limited national systems that are endlessly cited in contemporary debates. Hence the purpose of this enquiry is to examine the prospects for achieving an inspiring vision of ‘freedom from want’ for every person on Earth, who should always be entitled to receive a regular, individual and unconditional monetary transfer that is sufficient to ensure an adequate standard of living in perpetuity....
On the Shoulders of Giants – Buckminster Fullerby The Zeitgeist Kid
The Zeitgeist Movement is engaged in a great endeavor to create a future for humanity that is sustainable environmentally, economically and culturally. Just like the manner in which Buckminster Fuller organized his life, our focus and method has also been upon educational awareness and activism. We plant the seeds for future generations to harvest and nurture. If you take the time to watch the two videos embedded at the bottom of this post “Buckminster Fuller - Lost Interviews, part 1 and part 2” made towards the end of his life, you will gain a deeper understanding of his motivations and of the train of thought for his efforts. Here again, there are striking similarity to the “train of thought” within TZM. His approach was scientific and technical while maintaining a focus of systems thinking and analysis. He motivation was focused primarily for the benefit of the entire human family of “Space Earth” as he liked to refer to our only home. Buckminster Fuller spent his time working for the benefit of his family rather than for profit. He viewed humanity as his extended family and the technical solutions he proposed, taught and demonstrated throughout the course of his life clearly reflect his love for family....
On The Shoulders of Giants -Dr Martin Luther King The Zeitgeist Kid

Of necessity, the primary focus of The Zeitgeist Movement is on educational and awareness activism for ourselves and for our communities. Our ultimate goal is to realize a sustainable human civilization that promotes the health and well being of our planet and of all life upon it, including our entire human family.  As you read through Dr. King's philosophy, you should recognize many of the same nonviolent methods employed by Zeitgeist Movement activists in our efforts to move the cultural Zeitgeist. I encourage all activists to familiarize themselves with Dr. King's philosophy for our activism today rests upon the shoulder's of the giants that have preceded us, like Dr. King.  A Natural Law Resource Based Economy will only emerge from the global sharing Dr. King envisioned for "The Beloved Community".  Dr. King's assassination tragically but only temporarily postponed the civil rights movement. Peter Joseph's latest book "The New Human Rights Movement, Reinventing the Economy to End Oppression" clearly outlines the way forward.  Join us as we work towards the realization of Dr. King's vision!

TZM Chapters Organizational CultureAn Experimental Proposal by The Zeitgeist Kid

The Zeitgeist Movement is involved in a far reaching effort to liberate humanity from a violent and unsustainable global culture with multiple interrelated physical, historical, governmental, military, social, political, religious, psychological, economic, and international factors. The unsustainable culturally motivated behaviors appear to arise as unintended consequences of traditional values and outdated modes of understanding concerning our relationships with one another and with the natural world. Additionally, because of the extent and because of the rapidity with which our behaviors are detrimentally impacting the natural environment, an existential crisis exists that necessitates a rapid cultural shift in the motivational drivers of those behaviors. Helping humanity to achieve this rapid behavioral shift is one foundational purpose of TZM.