The Zeitgeist Movement Global Events

Since the release of "Zeitgeist: Addendum" in 2008, the Zeitgeist Movement has been hosting yearly global events simultaneously with numerous regional and local events. The slide show above visually represents a timeline beginning in 2008 of those events through posters, images and graphics created by Zeitgeist Movement volunteers from all around the world. The events act as both an opportunity to educate the broader public about the Zeitgeist Movement train of thought but also as a celebration of the growing Zeitgeist Movement community. Many smaller events, like town hall meetings, meetups, chapter meetings, socials, movie nights and a myriad of street activism events happen on a regular basis. But Zeitgeist Day and the Zeitgeist Media Festival have become the yearly focus for Zeitgeist chapter activism uniting us with a common purpose inline with our shared understandings of the needed cultural shift facing humanity today. We recognizes our activism as the means for helping us achieve the Zeitgeist Movement.

Zeitgeist Day

About The Event

TZM’s flagship gloabal event which occurs each year in mid-March and features a main event with prominent Movement speakers and guests from all over the world, while working in solidarity with many other parallel events that occur the same day or weekend. This gesture is one of global unity towards a sustainable world that works for the planet and everyone one it.

It all started in in 2009, with over 400 events in over 70 countries. These events were well documented by news agencies across the world, including the New York Times in America.

A Zeitgeist Day Event can take on many forms, ranging from a simple showing of DVD media, to pre-recorded lectures, to interactive question-and-answer events, with Chapter Organizers in various regions giving their own unique presentations.

While it is not required to be in a regional Zeitgeist Movement Chapter to have an event, it is recommended. Generally speaking, we encourage each Chapter to help organize events in their region. If wish to start a chapter, please do!

The Zeitgeist Media Festival

Peter Joseph

Lili Hayden

Lee Camp

Nomi Abadi

Eleanor Goldfield

Jimmy Dore

The Siren

Chad Fisher


Raw Legit

Arjang Jameh

Guru Doug

Norton Wisdom

Daniel Wayne Lee

Geisty Bear

Mear One

Abby Martin


Luke Brown

Brandon Kristy

Richelle Gribble

Sam Farrand

Van Saro

Sujey Ruiz

Barret Crane

Ryan Reeves

Jacob Bannon


Recognizing the power of art and media to help change the world, the annual “Zeitgeist Media Festival” (ZMF) bridges the artistic & activist communities in the hope to inspire change. It recognizes that needed changes in the structural/economic workings of society can only manifest in tandem with a personal/social transformation of values in each of us. While intellectual knowledge serves its role of showing the path, many in the world follow their feelings and comforts – not new knowledge.

This powerful event, which parallels our more intellectual Z-Day event, seeks to use the power of art and media to help inspire hope and change in the world. This non-profit, Multimedia Arts-Activist Festival will feature live music, comedy, short films, spoken word, art gallery, collaborative/interactive-art rooms, presentations by prominent activists, artists, and thinkers, and will host a variety of organizations to promote solidarity and discussion of pressing social issues, and their resolution. Embracing a spirit of unity and exploration, the ZMF creates an atmosphere of catharsis from the creative suffocation of everyday life, while reinforcing the call for us to come together to realize long-term change.

Art is considered the most powerful tool we have to bridge these levels of awareness and inspire action for change. Keeping the gesture of the long history of influential artistic creators whose vision have changed our world for the better, The ZMF works to unify the world through this expression with the basic ethos that we are one species sharing one planet and it is time the world learns to work together for the betterment of all, before it is too late.

Local and Regional Chapter Events

Creative community educational activism can take many forms, like socials, tabling, street activism, movie nights, town hall meetings, and bannering to name a few. All Zeitgeist Movement supporters are encouraged to participate in coordinated global events like Zeitgeist Day and the Zeitgeist Media Festival. A strong chapter has regular meetings to brainstorm ideas for educational and awareness activities as well as staying in touch with other chapters to share and learn from one another about ideas that work. Humanity faces an immense challenge if we are to ever create a sustainable future for ourselves and our children. When we work together in chapters, we work towards a common shared goal for ourselves and for all future generations. Please, use the resources of this and other TZM websites to make connections, to educate yourself, to get active and to help make a positive difference in all our lives. A peaceful and prosper future is possible! The choice is ours!
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