USING the run for US President as a media event.

    • 13 January 2019 at 11:52 am #2499

      Some of us think that a run for the presidency can get us some public media attention. We are calling ourselves the Money Free Party.

      First there is getting a “party” on the ballot. Most states require that signatures are collected. In so doing we would have to inform people about what TZM/MFP is. We can have a flier with a little info and links. Then there is collecting donations. We can have “campaign fund raisers” where we show movies particularly Zeigeist: Moving Forward and the like. Lastly if were REALLY able to get this party listed on more than 30 states THAT would be news in and of itself and it would cause the news to interview our candidate.

      Maybe really lastly. With enough support we might even get to participate in a debate.

      Campaign donations would be used to continue to print our fliers, rent out rooms to show the documentary. If by chance there were some large amount of money, we would have to vote on what to do with it. Each state would probably have it’s own fund. Possibly some city groups might. As no one has joined to help I highly doubt there will be this type of money.

      I would recommend that we create a non- profit and have that purchase some land. There we could build a structure where we can have classes and start learning Non VIolent Communication. If there are those who wish to live on the land we can start an intentional eco village community. Most likely with Tiny House on wheels for a start.

      I doubt there will be that kind of money.

      If you would like to work on this project please join us on facebook

      Lastly as this is a real presidential run we are talking about. Only US citizens can participate. If we get help from people outside of our country in a campaign it is illegal. (Trump’s woe’s)

      Thank You for time.

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    • 13 January 2019 at 2:17 pm #2503

      Do you not see any contradiction in collecting money for a Money Free Party, Marcia?

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