Smart Infrastructure : Using Money To Eliminate Money

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      James B. Tinsley

      March 2018

      Greetings from Arkansas… Winter is waning. Soon amid the barren beauty of grays, blacks and browns with afternoon sunlight dancing freely amid the seemingly endless space between trees… between branches, Spring will emerge… sap will flow and flecks of green will begin to impede the intensifying sunlight… decaying leaves will become nest to various small animals, insects, and tiny bright flowers rich with color… walking in the woods with my dog won’t seem so solitary.

      Well, so far no one from Arkansas or Eastern Oklahoma has answered my invitation to explore The Zeitgeist Movement together… no matter, I will carry on. To quote the band, Little Feat: ”Things happen in their own sweet time…” I offer this new topic for edification:

      In our United States chaos resulting from accelerating division, destabilization, and decline keep the people and media distracted. “Stupid,” is the prevailing—and accepted– normal. National Security and political posturing — mass shootings and barking angry citizens… broke, sick, and treading water – money and markets – greed and despair– a shining moment heralding the culmination of Capitalist objective: “Free-Markets” by elimination of Government interference.

      It’s all about mergers and acquisition… consumption and control.

      Merge with the political players, consolidate the structure, acquire the Government. A well planned and executed hostile takeover… creating history’s largest globalized multinational: The United States American Empire, Inc.

      All this has effectively brought 300 million people to accept and function in a condition of perpetual stupid. Our “stupid” is a consequence of extended self-imposed cognitive dissonance. That is to say, speaking and acting in opposition contrary to facts and scientific evidence by forcing one’s mind to ignore it. Thus, violating Laws of Nature. One of the “fines” Nature requires to be paid as a consequence of this ongoing long term dissonance is the condition of stupid.

      For example, there is this thing called, the “Third Industrial Revolution.” Some in the U.S. American Empire have heard about it, but the vast majority have not. I recently saw a film about it entitled: “Third Industrial Revolution: A Radical New Sharing Economy.” Anyone can watch for free on You Tube. The presenter, Jeremy Rifkin, offers a factual. well organized and historical description of past, present, and an emerging future with regard to our species and planet standing at a crossroad. One way leads to decimation of Humanity and environmental abyss, the other to an opportunity for resolution and continuation, albeit quite different from anything we’ve known before. In fact, Mr. Rifkin invokes many of the issues and solutions proposed by our Zeitgeist Movement. However, (and this is the one element that caused me to doubt the long term efficacy of his plan) he is a firm believer in and staunch supporter of Capitalist Market Economics.

      Now, having said all that, I am wondering if we of TZM might appropriate an aspect of a solution he proposed and is being undertaken by the European Union. Mr. Rifkin related an incident where he was meeting with heads of the E.U. in Brussels to help them work out how to pay for making the switch from their current vertically integrated, strictly utilitarian infrastructure, to the fully digitized data gathering internet of things infrastructure necessary to the Third Industrial Revolution. He told them they already had the money and were spending lots of it… but on the wrong things. He told them to re-prioritize what projects to do.

      So, here is what I am wanting to discuss with you… Our once enviable and sophisticated buildings, highways, bridges, and public areas are deteriorating quickly. Spending on infrastructure is nearly always used and debated, proffered and promised, during elections… to create jobs, improve the [non-existing] “Middle Class,” stimulate the economy, etc. etc. Of course, when the votes are cast and positions secured, commissions are created to study and make recommendations… then it turns out we can’t afford to do much, some, but not as much as we had hoped or thought could be done. At least not without raising this or that tax, and we promised we wouldn’t do that. So, a few minor projects are started, and our Nation Empire continues to crumble, resembling a poor third world or developing country.

      What do you think about our U.S. TZM activists making a concerted effort to introduce the idea of demanding that, “yes, we need to spend money–lots of money– to repair and update our infrastructure.” But let’s use the opportunity to incorporate the materials and technology needed to prosper and thrive in this emerging Third Industrial Revolution world. One of the problems Peter Joseph, and TZMG has struggled with from the beginning is, “How does the transition to a Natural Law Resource Based Economy work, how do we make it happen?”

      Peter Joseph and those who have come forward with the requisite knowledge and skills have made great progress in figuring this out, developing workable calculations and possible algorithms for programming. By offering a concrete five step process that will lead to access, abundance, sustainability, finally eliminating money and markets. But, I think there is a real opportunity to advance our Movement to a new level of broader awareness and actualization.

      If we educate others about changes already being undertaken in Germany, throughout the E.U, and in China who are now focused and engaged in building and retrofitting new and old infrastructure to fully participate in the inevitable dramatic change regarding energy production, transportation, communication, and a sharing economy. By informing, then agitating people to ask—even demand– that corporate leaders, community leaders, politicians, presidents and pundits follow through and spend whatever is needed to secure, build, and repair the very foundation upon which our country has depended for a half century or more. Only do it smart, do it with eyes focused on our future. Let’s take advantage and use their money to begin installing the things we will ultimately need to establish and develop our Natural Law Resource Based Economy.

      Let’s use their money to help get rid of money. Sweet irony, and everyone wins.

      Please let me know what you think. … James B.

    • 8 March 2018 at 1:27 pm #1062

      Thanks for this James. You have done a good job of presenting your thoughts and your proposal. Let’s hope you are able to inspire a wider public discussion and debate.

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