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    James B. Tinsley

    February 2018

    Greetings from Arkansas– The Natural State. I am, James Tinsley, 65 years, and self identify as an old “Hippie.” Because that term has acquired a variety of connotations let me clarify…
    “Hippie” in the Haight-Ashbury, Grateful Dead, make love not war, Timothy Leary, love is all you need sense. Growing up in the South reaching adolescence just as the Civil Rights movement was getting organized and active, when the “establishment” was beginning to be challenged and exposed, rock and roll was telling me I was born to be wild and that somethings happening here. My young developing mind was thoroughly confused by the contradictions (what I eventually understood to be hypocrisy) between what school and textbooks, parents and preachers were saying and what they actually did… how they acted and spoke. Naturally, I started asking questions… that was my first mistake and the first thing that I did right.

    As the pseudo-revolution that started with such integrity, genuine hope and honest aspirations for a better, loving, and equal future for all disintegrated into overdoses, ROTC bombings, and general perversion shortly after Woodstock I decided to try and focus on figuring out my future. I did what most people do when they move toward their mid-twenty’s-
    my first concern became my needs, my wants, my perspective… but, I must say, I never lost the feeling for or belief in the love and ideals regarding the objective of a peaceful, equal and loving world. In fact it dawned on me that if there was an opportunity to make these things happen at some point in future, I needed to know and understand a whole lot more than I did. Thus began what is now more than a 40 year effort to learn and experience as much as I can to competently challenge the accepted norms and propaganda, if possible figure out how to change what is, and at least offer something realistic to replace existing systems and structure.

    This has been, and remains the underlying driving force of my day-to-day existence. I was basically self-educated until I was 49 years. Then circumstance presented an opportunity to go to college, I took it. In 2006 I graduated with Honors receiving a Bachelor Degree in Liberal Arts. Fast forward to late 2016… I’m looking for something on Netflix to kill a Friday night. I find this movie called, “Zeitgeist: The Movie.” from the description I’m not sure if I will want to watch the whole thing, but I give it a shot. When it was over I sat there stunned, not believing someone had actually put together an entertaining, well researched, and factual film that exposed and dealt with nearly everything I have been trying to tell people, and write about for years. Who is this Peter Joseph guy?

    Long story short, I quickly found the follow up films, started doing my own fact checking and investigating who is Peter Joseph, learning along the way that there was an actual Zeitgeist Movement. For a year I looked for the typical con one usually finds behind these kind of Movements, or hypocrisy with respect to Peter Joseph. I did not, and still have not found any, or seen any of the tell-tale indications. Around the beginning of 2018 I decided I was ready to “join” the Movement and see if I could help. That is where I am now, and I am wondering and hoping there are others in Arkansas (or even Eastern Oklahoma) who either have discovered the Zeitgeist films, or heard something about the Movement and have questions and would like to connect and find out more. If so, make yourself known and let’s do it together…

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