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      Welcome to the Canada forum of the Zeitgeist Movement US Chapter! People of many colors joining hands in a circle around the Earth.
      Connect with other TZM supporters around Canada to help organize meetings and plan events. If there is an active community, links will be included on this page. If there is not an active community, help organize one.
      TZM Region, Nation, State, City and Local Community Chapters
      TZM is a global community of people that recognize the central importance of the Natural World upon which we all depend for meeting our needs. We also recognize the truth of our interdependence as a necessary foundation upon which to build a sustainable future. Consequently, we have discovered our shared voice, our common ground for community. When that sense of community becomes local, we realize the greatest potential for leaps in the quality of life for all of us. These forums exist to help that happen. If there is active interest in your community, sub-forums are created so that links to local public meetings, social gatherings and related events can be shared. If there is not a Zeitgeist chapter in your community, you can help organize one by joining these forums and requesting that a local forum be created for your area. You can reach out to others by posting to connect and together organize a local Zeitgeist community chapter.
      TZM Community Activism
      Through TZM community activism, we awaken ourselves and our communities to the possibilities of intentionally creating the highest good for everyone. Be the change you would like to see in the world. Through non-violent activism of all types, we organize, collaborate, learn, teach, play and share. So by working together, we multiply individual efforts. Together, we create a better tomorrow today!

      The Zeitgeist Movement

      Join the global social conversation with online voice chat at TZM Discord!

      Regional Chapter meetings take place using online voice chat on TZM TeamSpeak!

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