The Zeitgeist Movement NYC


The Zeitgeist Movement NYC


John Jay College of Criminal Justice - The City University of New York
899 10th Avenue (between 58th and 59th Streets) New York, NY 10019

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Jun 02 2018


10:00 am - 12:00 pm

The Zeitgeist Movement – An Inspiring Social Vision and Its Potential

Host: Zeitgeist Movement NYC

When: Saturday, June 2, from 10 am to 12 pm.

Where: At the Left Forum, room 1.73 John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Featured Speakers:

Mark Horowitz

Affiliation(s):  Seton Hall University
Dr. Mark Horowitz is an associate professor of sociology at Seton Hall University. He teaches and publishes in the areas of social theory, social psychology, political economy, and the construction of knowledge. His recent article, “Political Identity and Economists’ Perceptions of Capitalist Crises,” appears in Review of Radical Political Economics.
Harry Cason has been teaching Political Science at The City University of New York, College of Staten Island for thirty years and is presently working on a book regarding Spain’s Post-1936 Civil War Period and U.S. Involvement. Cason is also the Zeitgeist Movement Coordinator for New York City, a human rights and sustainable earth advocacy group.

Richard Florentino

Rich Florentino is a Columbia University graduate (1970) in Civil Engineering and a University of Illinois graduate (1971) in environmental engineering. After forty years in the field of engineering, Rich has been a political activist over the last 8 to 10 years and just ran for New York City Council, Mid-Island District, on Staten Island last year 2017.

Radical, transformative social movements face two major challenges: They must present a compelling and viable vision of an alternative social order; and they need a strategy to attract widespread public support for that system. Building such support appears all but impossible in today’s polarized political climate. The left appears as divided as ever, and many working class voters and small business owners all too often vote under the influence of identity politics for Republican Party candidates and their big business allies. These voters need to come to the realization that big business and competition for survival is the problem, not government itself.

In this panel, we take on the twin issues of radical vision and strategy. Inspired by the Zeitgeist Movement’s goal of a post-scarcity economy, we sketch the key facets of a workable political-economic model beyond capitalism. We discuss why the Zeitgeist Movement’s appeal for this alternative system – like other radical calls for social transformation – often fall on deaf ears in the public arena. We contend that this has to do with social-psychological differences between the left and right that are exploited by elites and exacerbate social divisions. We hope that attention to vision and psychologically-informed strategy will provide clues regarding our short-term strategic priorities (e.g., campaign financing, banking and monopoly regulations, etc.) as we seek serious systemic change.

We invite discussion on these key issues and encourage your participation.


Hourly Schedule

10 am - 12 pm
An Inspiring Social Vision and Its Potential
Presentations and an open panel discussion

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