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Feb 11 2018


2:00 pm - 4:00 pm



TZM ST. Petersburg Meeting

Zeitgeist St. Pete Meet up!
Date: Monthly
For Location Check Event Organizer Facebook page:

–All are welcome! Free Coffee 🙂

The aim is to establish a relationship with locals who wish to know more or be involved in fostering a thriving personal and social connection under NLRBE/Gift Economy principles. We will be covering aims of the chapter both general and specific. This is a round table event and all voices are valuable and encouraged to have respect in their communications. All materials will be provided.

–ALL are welcome. If you already know about RBE principles that’s GREAT! If not that’s ok too! 🙂 (Kid friendly)

–Corey will be one of the coordinators of the meetings and mediator. He will have a brief (3ish minute) introduction about relevant information and chapter resources.

–At some point introductions will be made for those that wish to. Going to allow this aspect to find an organic flow so as not to make the gesture so impersonal or become sterile or forced.

–We will be briefly covering personal goals in life as well as chapter goals and work to foster a link between the two in the coming meetings. -(This is to ensure we do not become drained due to our desire to make the world a better place. To create an ontological feedback loop so that these valuable principles help to co-author the progression of one’s life and empower the hearts and minds of those involved.)

–Organizers from other NPOs are welcome to participate and encouraged to join. We will likely be joining forces with other people and projects in the area doing positive things for the community and working on educating and empowering as well. For those that wish to.

Thanks for reading, those are the major points and the people involved in the movement are very often inspiring as humans. I’m looking forward to this meet! This should be a fun gathering and I’m excited for what the future holds.

Corey Grandmaison

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