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The Zeitgeist Movement is a global sustainability advocacy movement. We recognize that we share a single planet, the source of all known life. We recognize that our home planet exists surrounded by a vast emptiness of space inhospitable to life as we know it. We recognize that our actions, driven by shared cultural beliefs, are having a devastating impact upon the capacity of the Earth to sustain us.

As individuals and as communities we engage in educational activism in an effort to raise awareness both among ourselves and around the world concerning the deep cultural roots of so many of the self inflicted problems confronting us. We seek to raise awareness of the drivers of the unsustainable behaviors causing those problems. We recognize that it is only through a rapid cultural evolution that we can hope to achieve a sustainable future.

The word 'Zeitgeist' means the cultural understanding of any given time. The Zeitgeist Movement seeks to accelerate the evolution of human culture before it is too late. We must evolve our self awareness in order to change our behaviors or suffer the unintended consequences of our own actions/in-actions.

Individual and Community Activism

By applying the methods of science to thinking about human social conditions, we arrive at a unifying train of thought. Individuals who have understood this train of thought are the foundation of the Zeitgeist Movement. We engage in educational and awareness activism to help share this understanding throughout the global community, a unifying vision for a peaceful, healthy and sustainable future.
The focus of Zeitgeist Movement has always been on educational and awareness activism both for ourselves and for our communities. Over the years, a number of events, books, talks, videos and images have been created by the Zeitgeist community for this purpose. If you are interesting in deepening your own understandings of the ways in which our traditional social institutions and values shape our behaviors and the processes by which we can consciously help to evolve those social preconditions, please explore further.

"The Zeitgeist Movement Defined, Realizing a New Train of Thought", the official, representative text of the global not-for-profit sustainability advocacy organization known as the Zeitgeist Movement(TZM) is a great place to start. This is a 320-page guide defining all of the core ideas of the Movement, documented with over 800 sources.
Since the early days of The Zeitgeist Movement individuals and small groups have been hosting community events. The seed that eventually birthed the Movement began as a stage presentation by Peter Joseph in NYC in 2007. That public multi-media show eventually grew into the Zeitgeist Film Trilogy giving rise to The Zeitgeist Movement in 2008 along the way. Helping activists to organize and host artistic, educational and creative community and global awareness events like Zeitgeist Day and the Zeitgeist Media Festival continue to be a primary focus of the Zeitgeist Movement.

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